How to relieve swelling symptom for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Swelling is one of the symptoms of chronic kidney disease. For some patients, swelling is stubborn and repeated. Patients will be bothered about this condition. Then what is the curative treatment for reducing swelling symptom and how to do?

The patient comes from Madagascar, who has serious swelling. When he just came to our hospital, his both lower extremities have serious swelling so that he can’t walk. After we know the condition of him, we know that he has gone several hospitals for treatment, but the results are all disappointed. By chance, he heard our hospital’s characteristic treatments and wants to have a try.

Our doctor team gave him a systemic examination and made specific treatment plan according to his disease. The toxin-removing therapies mainly include Traditional Chinese medicines, medicated bath, Maikang mixture, acupuncture, and foot bath, etc. they have the effects of clearing the toxins and waste in blood and kidneys, expanding the blocked blood vessels, improving blood circulation and providing nutrition to kidneys.

Through our treatment for about half a month, swelling disappears obviously and he can stand up by himself, which giving confidence for him. What’s more, he can avoid hospital gown and wear his clothes. He was so happy. And he said that he will insist on treatment, good luck for him!

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