Toxin-removing therapies to reduce creatinine 861

High creatinine level means patients’ kidney function damaged and kidney works abnormally. So the focus of treatment is not to reduce creatinine, but to repair kidney functions and let it work normally. In that case, creatinine will naturally be reduced, and kidney failure can be effectively avoided. However, how to repair impaired kidney functions?

Toxin-removing therapies are the characteristics in our hospital, which first expel toxins and wastes in kidney inherent cells and blood, achieving the aims of opening the blocked meridians and collaterals, extending blood vessels, improving blood circulation, gradually repair damaged kidney and recover kidney functions through fully absorb the medicines effects.

Mr. Wang is a chronic kidney disease patient, who has less urine and high creatinine level. When first came to our hospital, his creatinine was 861 umol/L, with serious anemia. Our doctor made a specific treatment according to his condition. After half of month, Mr. Wang’s condition has obvious improvement. The volume of urine increases to 1500, with many substances in the urine. Hemoglobin also increases, anemia symptom relieves a lot, and healthy complexion appears. His creatinine reduces to 690 umol/L. He feels better now, and believes will be better and better with continuous treatment.

Correct treatment and patients’ cooperation with the doctors are extremely important. If you or your relatives are diagnosed with kidney diseases, you must see the specialized doctor and hospital for a treatment. Meanwhile, patients should treat in timely, in case the condition deteriorates and wastes too much time.

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