The natural toxin-removing therapies for uremia patients of CKD

If various chronic kidney diseases have no correct and timely treatment, at last they will be developed uremia. It also means kidney functions are impaired, caused lots of toxins and wastes accumulated in patients’ blood and kidneys inherent cells, which caused creatinine increased, kinds of symptoms of kidney diseases occur. While, how to reduce creatinine and treat uremia?

Aunt Zhao, comes from Hei long jiang (a Chinese province), who is 70 years old. Unluckily, she had uremia caused by kidney cancer. Through several treatments, she had to remove the right kidney for preventing the deterioration of the disease condition. Seven months ago, her creatinine level is 357. While, after two months of treatments in local hospital, her creatinine level went up to 530. That is because of the wrong treatment for her condition. The reason creatinine increased is kidneys damaged. So we have to treat kidneys first. While before treat kidneys, the first thing is clear toxins and wastes in blood and kidneys inherent cells.

For further treatment, she went to our hospital in 29th June. At that time, here creatinine was 631, urine acid was 492. After five days toxin-removing treatment, he rcreatinine reduced to 526, and urine acid reduced to 212. We see the smile in aunt’s face again, and we are also happy for her recovery. I believe her condition will be better and better.

Tung Shin Tang kidney disease hospital is a specialized kidney disease hospital, which contains a series of complete and systematic toxin-removing therapies. We always adhere to the concept of cleaning up toxins first, in order to play the medications functions effectivele.

So if you want to more information about uremia treatment or our toxin-removing therapies, please feel free to contact our online experts. Good luck!

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