Toxin-removing Therapies to Reduce High Creatinine for Uremia Patients

High creatinine level means kidneys functions are severe impaired and can not work normally. So if you want to reduce creatinine, the first thing is repairing kidneys’ inherent cells, recovering kidneys functions. Therefore, what are the methods to treat kidneys?

The biggest characteristic in our hospital is the concept of removing toxins and wastes first and then treating kidneys. That is to say, the detoxification therapies are the characteristic in huaxia kidney disease hospital, which we treat kidney diseases from the root. Only if the toxins and wastes are cleaned out patients’ bodies, any kidney disease can be treated effectively.

Xiao Shang, a 16 years old girl. In the young age, she was found to get uremia. It means that her kidneys functions are impaired seriously. At this time, the purpose of treating uremia is to protect the remaining functions of kidneys, to slow the condition rapidly worse. After some hospitals, the condition had no obvious improvement. The reason is that they relieved the kidney disease symptoms, not treated the root of the disease. Happily her parents took her to our hospital. After the detoxification therapies in our hospital for short 20 days, creatinine reduced from 641 to 406, urea nitrogen from 26.6 t 10.1. The curative effects made the family very happy, and we are also very proud which can bring new hope for her.

In about 30 years’ clinical experience, our experts find in the treatment for same patient, if first removing blood toxins and then using medicines for kidney diseases, the effects are extremely different than directly use medicines without clear toxins. Because once there are toxins in blood, they will counteract the functions of medication, thus the effects of medicines are bad.

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