High Creatinine Level 964 Patient Gets Rid of Dialysis

Chronic kidney disease is a disease of difficult to cure, and easy to relapse. So kidney disease patients should repair kidneys soon once you get kidney disease, in order to delay the condition and develop to dialysis. While how to treat uremia and get rid of dialysis?

Xiao du is 21 years old, who was diagnosed uremia in an examination of Beijing hospital, due to continuous cough. This let the young patient how to stand it. In the examination, creatinine was 1364umol/L. Doctors said there have no choice but dialysis. After three times dialysis, doctors told him that he needed dialysis at the rest life. For a young, it can not be accepted. His family sought many hospitals, but they could not avoid dialysis. They never give up. Finally, xiao du’s father heard the effects in shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital were excellent, which uses traditional Chinese medicines treatment. They arrived at our hospital after contacted our doctors.

Our hospital is a professional kidney disease hospital, which put removing toxins at the first place. Once the toxins removed out kidneys, the medicines will play the biggest role. And another feature is using Chinese medicines to repair the functions of kidney inherent cells, through clear the toxins not only in blood, but also in kidney inherent cells. It is possible to reduce creatinine if kidney functions recover. Get rid of dialysis is also possible.

The first day, his creatinine 964umol/L, and he almost discharged any urine. Xiao du and his father were doubtful whether the disease can be treated. Our doctors carefully told them the treatment plan and diet taboo, let them have confidence again. After the characteristic detoxification therapies in our hospital, his urine volume increased gradually. Looked at the record doctor wrote, xiao du slowly relaxed his mind. During about one and half months treatment, xiao du never enter into dialysis room, he finally get rid of dialysis. Creatinine reduced to 381umol/L. So only using traditional Chinese medicines also can treat uremia without dialysis.

The above-mentioned is the treatment to stop dialysis for uremia patient. If you have any question to our treatments or are a uremia patient, you can feel free to leave message below.

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