How to reduce swelling for chronic kidney disease patients?

No matter who have swelling symptom, it all influences the patient’s beauty, especially for girls and young people. So how to reduce swelling, don’t let it destroy our beauty’s dream and health.

There is a case for answering the question.

Kangkang is a 6 years old boy. He has been swelling for a period time. Before he came to Shijiazhuang, he has been treated in local hospital, but the condition always exits. Kangkang ever dreamed buy a car to take mother to travel after recovery. Through others’ introduce, his mother takes him to our hospital. At the beginning, kangkang’s swelling symptom was serious; his eyes couldn’t open, he was very fat, and couldn’t get out of bed. He even missed the time to go kindergarten. However, after one month of our hospital’s characteristic therapies treatment, kangkang is thinner much, swelling disappear, and look cute. But he still needs to stay in hospital to consolidate. His mother finally has a smile on her face. In fact, what the curative therapies they are?

Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital is a specialized kidney hospital, which insists the concept of removing toxic substances first and then treating kidneys. Chinese medicines therapies in our hospital include foot bath, medicated bath, Maikang mixture and so on. These toxin-removing treatments have the effects of extending meridians and collaterals, activating blood circulation, repairing kidney function. Through removing the toxins first, the medicines can be played the biggest effects. That is, they can not only create a rehabilitation environment for kidney recovery, but also provide a good condition for medication usage. They are the basic purpose of the therapies.

Hope kangkang recover health and his dream can be achieved soon. If you want to know our therapies and treatments, please contact us at any time.

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