How to Reduce Creatinine 4.2 for CKD Patients

High creatinine level can be a very common symptom for chronic kidney disease patients, and patients always seek for the efficient treatments to reduce their high creatinine levels. Here we will talk about how to reduce creatinine 4.2 effectively.

What does creatinine 4.2 tell?

Obviously, creatinine 4.2 has already exceeded the normal range of creatinine levels, which tells at least 50% of renal function has been lost. Also, creatinine 4.2 tells the condition is already in stage 3 CKD. This stage means the moderate reduction in renal function, and some symptoms and complications begin to appear. Stage 3 CKD still can be reversed with proper treatment. However, the fact is that many cases finally develop to kidney failure requiring kidney dialysis or kidney transplant in the future.

How to reduce creatinine 4.2 for CKD patients?

Well, it is not enough to treat kidney diseases with western medicines and healthy diet only. In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, to reduce creatinine level is not the final purpose, that is because our experts know that high creatinine level is caused by damaged kidneys, we should deal with any problems from the root cause. Do you agree with this?

In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other types of Chinese therapies are used to help CKD patients save their own kidneys by repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function. Generally speaking, after one month of treatment of these Chinese therapies, patients will feel the great improvement themselves, also it will be shown on the test reports.

With the recovery of renal function, creatinine 4.2 and any other high creatinine levels will be naturally reduced, also CKD stage 3 will be prevented developing kidney failure. Have a question? Feel free to choose the way you prefer to contact us, glad to help you more.


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