CKD: How to Avoid Dialysis

CKD: How to Avoid DialysisName: Robert

Gender: mail

Age: 46

Nationality: England

Diagnose: FSGS, Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

Medical history:

“ things begin when I found there are some disorders in my urine 5 years ago, the foams and blood in my urine really scared me. Finally I was attacked by FSGS and I was recommended with many hormones to control my physical conditions, but kidney damage have not been controlled, I was told that it is time for me to accept dialysis. I do hate dialysis for I always think that I can lose my remaining kidney function due to relying on dialysis and there are so many complications accompanied with dialysis. I know dialysis can help me to prolong my life and remit some pains, but I really want to a treatment which can reverse my kidney function to avoid dialysis.”

Chinese Medicine Treatment

“ On the recommendation of a friend, I came to China for Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment. There are so many therapies for me according to my physical conditions such as steaming, medical bath, hot compress, foot bath, acupuncture and so on, at the work of these medicine, my kidney function indicators are lowered and symptoms are remitted. My doctor tole me that because the toxins in blood are cleaned and the blood circulation are improved. As for the injured kidney, with the increased pure blood perfusion and nutrition in medicine, the injured renal cells can be repaired and GFR also can be improved. I am lucky that I can live a healthy life again without dialysis. I believe I can reverse my my kidney function at the most degree, getting away from dialysis. ”

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