The Best and Newest Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidney is the main metabolism organs, but due to the abundant tiny blood cells, the deposition of wastes and insufficient blood and oxygen conditions often occur, so the kidney are easy to suffer damage. More and more people are attacked by Chronic Kidney Disease, is the only thing they can do is waiting for dialysis or kidney transplant? Is there a newest and best treatment to reverse the kidney function for a normal life?

Traditional Chinese Medicine has 5000 years history in treating all kinds of diseases, it is famous for its functions of promoting blood circulation and cleaning toxins in blood which are the key to treat Chronic Kidney Disease. what deserved to mentioned is the many kinds therapies which can send the medicine to human body effectively, avoiding the medicine effects losing and side effects. Now let see how dose our Traditional Chinese Medicine work on treating Chronic Kidney Disease.

1. Steaming therapy: the active substances in medicine can wander into whole body along the acupoints and veins of human body with the steam, working on promoting blood circulation and promoting sweating which is the way to clean toxins.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: the medicine is external application medicine and it is applied around the kidney area, the medicine has the functions of expending blood vessels to promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammatory to stop kidney damage, anti-freezing to keep blood circulation smooth and repairing the injured kidney to reverse the kidney function.

3. oral decoction: the active substances in medicine can absorb and crash the toxins, and the broken matters also can metabolized with the blood circulation.

4. foot bath: there are many acupoints on foot which are related with the whole body, through foot bath, the medicine also can work on promoting blood circulation to remove blood clots, decreasing damages.

There are other therapies such as medical bath, Chinese circle, acupuncture and so on which would be used according to the specific physical condition of patients. and the dosages and kinds of medicines also are given and adjusted any time with the change of physical condition. And now if you are intereated in the best and newest treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease, you can contact our online doctors.


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