How to Improve GFR 16-GFR 30 in Stage 4 CKD without Dialysis

How to Improve GFR 16-GFR 30 in Stage 4 CKD without DialysisGRF 16-30 usually refers to the Stage 4 CKD. In this stage, patients usually start suffer many symptoms and complications for the low GFR fail to excrete the metabolism wastes out of body which stayed in blood, leading to damage to kidney and other tissues. Many Stage 4 CKD patients who can not bears the pains have to accept dialysis which also bother them a lot. This article will introduce you the special medicines in our hospital, and patients can see how dose these medicines improve GFR.

MaiKang Composition: the medicine is a kind of Chinese patent medicine which is necessary for the whole course of treatment. The active substances in medicine can find the metabolism wastes and toxins exactly, then absorb and crash them into broken matters. And finally, these broken matters can be metabolized with the blood circulation. The main function of the medicine is cleaning the toxins in blood.

Oral Chinese herbs decoction: the kinds and dosages of Chinese herbs are given to patients according to the development of the kidney disease, the symptoms and complications of patients and other kinds of specific physical condition of patients. The active substances has functions of inhibiting ultra immune response, cleaning toxins and so on. The function of the medicine is decreasing these complications.

Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy: a kind of external application medicine which is applied around the kidney area. The medicine has the functions of expending blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing and degrading extra cellular matrix. Under the work of the medicine, the kidney condition of insufficient of blood and oxygen can be promoted, so that the kidney function can be improved.

Foot bath therapy: the tissues on foot are related with the tissues of whole body. Through the Chinese medicine foot bath, the active substances can enter into body, working on promoting blood circulation and dissolving blood clots.

The four kinds of medicines can make sure the blood healthy and smooth, remitting the kidney damage and other tissues damage. When the GFR16-30 are improved, the Stage 4 CKD patients can live a higher quality life than before, getting away form dialysis. And if you are interested in our medicines, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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