How to Lower Creatinine 9.0 without Dialysis in Stage 5 CKD

When patients suffer high creatinine 9.0 in stage 5 CKD, they usually suffer a lot of symptoms and complications, so that they have to accept dialysis for living longer and a high quality life. But dialysis bothered patients a lot, such as high afford, dialysis complications, spend much time and so on, so Stage 5 CKD patients are looking for a natural way which can lower creatinine 9.0 without dialysis.

Creatinine are the muscle metabolism wastes which are the common indicator to show the kidney function. Except the creatinine, there are many kinds of metabolism wastes which are fail to be expected out of body retention in blood. Without a timely cleaning, these wastes will deposit on the tissues and causing damage to kidney tissues. This article will introduce you the special treatment to lower high creatinine in our hospital: Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine includes:

Streaming therapy: according to the physiological features of skins, the active substances in medicine can enter into body through steaming and the medicine has the functions of promoting blood circulation, removing blood clots and cleaning toxins in blood.

Medical bath: the active substances can be permeated into body with the hot water and the medicine can make patients excrete lots of sweat and urine, getting the purpose of cleaning toxins.

Chinese circle: the medicine is be smeared on the back, after a series of massages according to the specific acupoints, the active substances will work on drawing out the toxins.

Acupuncture: through pricking the proper acupoints, the needle can stimulate the cells produce responses and secrete some elements, reaching the purposes of eliminating pathogenic factors and degrading blood vessels.

Hot compress: it also is called as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is the necessary treatment for patients. It is applied on the kidney area. The medicine has functions of expending blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-freezing and degrading extra cellular matrix.

Foot bath: for the foot tissues are related with whole body, so the medicine can enter into whole body through the foot, which can promote blood circulation to remove blood clots.

Chinese medicine enema: the medicine is injected into intestinal tract, which can promote patients defecating, getting the purpose of cleaning toxins.

With our treatment, Stage 5 CKD patients can lower their creatinine 9.0 naturally, and patients can decrease the dialysis times and suffer less from CKD dialysis. And if you want to know more information about our therapies, contact our online doctors or send email to, we will reply you as soon as possible.


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