How to Reduce Dialysis Times with CKD Creatinine 11

How to Reduce Dialysis Times with CKD Creatinine 11Generally speaking, when kidney disease patients suffer from creatinine 11, they have already accepted dialysis. Dialysis influence the normal work and life of patients for patients need spend much time and money on dialysis. Finally patients will find they become more and more dependent on dialysis. With more and more frequent dialysis, patients are bothered, so they want to a treatment which can help them reduce the dialysis times.

Creatinine just is a representative of wastes in blood, there are many kinds of metabolism wastes which are supposed excreted out body by kidney stay in blood. Dialysis is a replacement of kidney to clean the wastes in blood at some degrees, and patients who want to decrease the dialysis time need to improve the kidney function.

Kidney disease patients with creatinine 11 are in a serious period, patients want to get rid of dialysis forever is impossible. But through our Traditional Chinese Medicine, patients can suffer less kidney disease complications, even better, patients can reduce their dialysis tome. Now we will have a simple introduce about our therapies.

1. Steaming therapy: the active substances in medicine can enter into body with the hot steam though the expended pores, expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and removing blood clots.

2. Medical bath: the active substances in medicine has the defusing function, when they enter into body with water, patients will excrete lots of urine or sweat. The toxins in body can be cleaned with the excretion.

3. Chinese Circle: smearing the medicine on the back according to the acupoints of human body, so that the toxins in blood can be drawing out of body.

4. Acupuncture: through putting the proper acupoints under the needles, the related cells can be stimulated to produce a series of responses, getting the purpose of cure disease.

5. Hot compress: it is applied around the kidney area and it has the function of expending blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-freezing and cleaning toxins in kidney to preserve kidney function.

6. Foot bath: the acupoints and blood vessels on foot are related with whole body, foot bath with Chinese Medicine can promote blood circulation and dissolve blood stasis.

7. Chinese medicine enema: after putting the medicine on intestinal tract, the medicine can clean toxins through defecating.

Our therapies can help patients improve blood quality and blood circulation to remit symptoms and complication. And CKD patients with creatinine 11 can decrease the dialysis time. Contact our online doctors for more information.


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