What Creatinine Level is Suitable for CKD Patients to Accept Dialysis

What Creatinine Level is Suitable for CKD Patients to Accept DialysisCreatinine, most of them are the product of muscle metabolism wastes and only a small part of them are from foods we take, are supposed to be excreted out of body with urine though kidney. This is why creatinine can be a common indicator to show the kidney function. The higher the creatinine is, the worse the kidney function is. With more creatinine such kinds of toxins in blood, CKD patients suffer a lot. When the creatinine are high enough, CKD patients have to accept dialysis to remit some symptoms.

What creatinine level is suitable for CKD patients to accept dialysis?

In fact, the measuring standards are different from country to country and from hospital to hospital. But generally speaking, when the creatinine are reach in 5.0, it is time for CKD patients to consider dialysis.

But there also are exceptions, whether to have dialysis need depend on the specific physical conditions, such as low urine volume, the high speed of creatinine increase and whether patients accompanied with hyperkalemia, acidosis. If CKD patients suffer those, they need take dialysis immediately.

Some PKD patients with creatinine 5.0 can not bear the pains, so they take dialysis early. But there are also some patients when their creatinine is higher than 10, they started dialysis. so when to accept dialysis is depend on the conditions of patients.

The effect of dialysis

Dialysis is good choice for CKD patients with many symptoms for dialysis can help patients decrease pains. Dialysis is a long term project, and patients need take dialysis regularly. If patients relax a little, the creatinine will get increase and even more higher than before dialysis. Long time taking dialysis is a kind of wastes of kidney and without a timely treatment to repair, the kidney will lost its function totally. And dialysis will become more and more frequent, finally, CKD patients only have one way to choose: kidney transplant.

CKD patients with high creatinine level who have take dialysis can have a try of our Traditional Chinese Medicine to control the further kidney damage, and save the kidney function as much as possible. And finally if you want to know more information about CKD, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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