Can Stage 4 CKD Cause Bone Disease and Anemia

In stage 4 CKD, the kidney functions of patients are lost seriously, so there are more and more wastes depositing in blood. With a series of reactions, the wastes will become toxins which will damage other organs and tissues of body, leading to many complications. Stage 4 CKD patients often complain that they suffer from bone disease and anemia, but they don’t know whether they are related with the kidney disease. Now let we see how dose the stage 4 CKD cause bone disease and anemia.

Bone Disease in Stage 4 CKD

1. The kidney has the function of producing active vitamin D which is good for bones to absorb calcium, keeping the bone healthy. But when people are attacked by the stage 4 CKD, the kidney fail to produce enough active vitamin D for the bones , so the bone disease occur.

2. With a normal kidney, phosphorus can be excreted out of body with urine. When the kidney are damaged, too many phosphorus would remain in blood, which can stimulate the secretion of thyroid hormone which can separate out calcium from bones, so that there are much calcium is lost in bones, leading to bones disease.

Anemia in Stage 4 CKD

1. When the kidney are damaged, the kidney function fail to provide enough irons for erythropoiesis, so erythropoiesis can not stimulate the bone marrow to generate red blood cells, finally anemia occur.

2. Too many toxins and wastes in blood can cause damage to the red blood cells, decreasing the lifespan of red blood cells.

Now, Stage 4 CKD patients should have a clear idea that with the damaged kidney, they would suffer many kinds of complications, including the bone disease and anemia. For stage 4 CKD patients, a timely and effective treatment is very important. And when they treat the complication, they should repair the injured kidney at the same time, which is the key to get rid of the bone disease and anemia. If you want to know more about your CKD, you can contact our online doctors or send email to


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