Why Blood Pressure is Low With Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease(CKD) is a progressive disease, it is characterized by chronic renal damage in clinic. So, why blood pressure is low with CKD?

Before answering the question, we need to know some basic about kidneys. In normal case, the healthy kidneys can produce urine, discharge wastes, toxin. And meanwhile, it can help to regulate blood pressure by secreting a hormone called renin. However, in CKD, due to renal injury will develop further, failed kidneys can not carry out the function normally. So, the secretion of renin will be decreased, thereby, patients will experience low blood pressure.

By now, the most common treatment for the sign is oral western drugs, to some degree, it really can relieve the sign. However, it can bring a set of side effects, such as, the stimulation to stomach. Luckily, in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, our characterized therapy is Chinese treatment. However, our original treatment is different from traditional herbs, not only our personalized medicine and unique therapy, but also our diagnosis technique is unique in all special hospitals and various 3A hospitals in China.

Since the underlying cause of low blood pressure with CKD is the decline of renal function, so, in order to alleviate the sign, the first step is to repair renal damage and improve renal function. Hot Compress Therapy is an original way combined traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology, it is safe and no side effects. In this treatment, with the aid of osmosis device, the activity of medicine can be penetrated into Shenshu acupoints adequately.

By dilating blood vessels of the whole body, changing the condition of hypoxia and ischemia, rebuilding inherent kidney structure, kidney function can be improved from the root. As long as kidneys can carry out its function as normal, low blood pressure can be alleviated from the root. For more details of the therapy? Email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we will reply you for free.

Do you know the cause of low blood pressure with CKD, leave a message below, remember we are always here to help you.

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