What Can be Done to Decrease High Creatinine Level in CKD

What Can be Done to Decrease High Creatinine Level in CKDPatients with CKD are usually detected with high creatinine level, so, what is creatinine? How to reduce it? Follow me, i will give you the answer.

Creatinine can be regarded as a main index to measure renal function. It refers to the product of muscle activity. Usually, it can be discharged out of the body via urine.

However, in CKD, due to the decline of renal function, creatinine can not be filtrated out of the blood, so, patients will experience high creatinine level. Then, what can be done to reduce high creatinine level?

Hot Compress Therapy

The major purpose of the therapy is to improve renal function. During the treatment, patients can lie on the bed, and two bags contained shattered medicines are placed on patients’ back. With the help of osmosis device, the effective medicines can be penetrated into Shenshu acupoints externally.

Most importantly, by dilating blood vessels, repairing the damaged tissues and cells, providing the nutrients for kidneys, the toxins can be discharged out of the body, and renal function can be enhanced from root, so, high creatinine level can be relieved. If you are interested in the therapy, send an email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com, we are willing to help you.

Avoid strenuous exercises

Because creatinine is the product of muscle metabolism, so, avoiding strenuous activities can help to reduce high creatinine level. Patients with CKD can take some physical exercises, such as, yoga, Tai Chi, walking, jogging, etc.

Keep a low-protein diet

Having a diet of low protein is also significant. Since too much protein will increase the burden of failed kidneys, aggravate the progression of renal damage, it is not beneficial to relieve the symptom of high creatinine level.

Besides, quit drinking, getting rid of chocolate, coffee is also necessary. Because the harmful matters contained in these foods can increase the stimulation to kidneys.

Except for the above methods, there are still many ways to reduce high creatinine level in CKD, if you want to learn more, leave a message below.


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