What are the Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease

What are the Symptoms of Chronic Kidney DiseaseChronic Kidney Disease(CKD) is a worrisome health problem in clinic. Without effective treatments, it can develop into renal failure. Next, we will learn the knowledge of the disease.

What are the main causes of CKD?

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the main causes, they are responsible for 2/3 of the causes. Diabetes can damage multiple organs including kidneys, kidney disease triggers by diabetes is called diabetic nephropathy. In addition, high blood pressure can injury small blood vessels, cause renal damage, if the renal injury exits for a long time, renal failure may appear.

The second main cause is glomerulonephritis, which can cause inflammation and damage to the glomeruli, thereby, renal function decline occurs. The third main cause is primary renal disease.

So, what are the symptoms of CKD?

Keeping a basic understanding of CKD can help to detect the disease, it is necessary to improve the prognosis. The common symptoms are summarized as follows:

Itchy skin

It is caused by the toxins in blood can not be discharged. Usually, the glomeruli can filtrate the wastes, extra fluid in blood. However, in CKD, the glomeruli is damaged severely, and kidneys can not carry out the normal function. Thereby, itchy skin occurs.


The symptom is mainly characterized in face, eyes, feet, ankles and so on. Especially, the sign can be more obvious in the morning. It is caused by water-retention, due to the decline of renal function, the fluid can not be discharged out of the body. So, edema occurs.


Usually, there is less protein in urine. However, in CKD, massive protein will flow into urine, which is called proteinuria. If you are diagnosed with protein in urine, seeing a doctor is necessary.

Except for the above symptoms, other common symptoms are nausea vomiting, muscle cramp, shortness of breath, fatigue, blood urine, legs or flank pain, weight loss and so on.

After the above analysis, if you still have doubts about the symptoms of CKD, send to kidneyfight@hotmail.com to get more details.

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