Stage 4 CKD: Symptoms and Treatments

Stage 4 CKD: Symptoms and TreatmentsStage 4 CKD is a condition in which severe kidney damage will present, it can develop into renal failure easily. Next, we will analyze the symptoms and provide some useful treatments.


In this stage, patients may experience some signs, such as:

Swelling: the sign may present in eyes, face, legs and ankles. Especially in the morning, the sign may be more obvious.

Blood in urine: it refers to the urine seems black or cola colored, it is caused by lots of red blood cells flow into urine.

High creatinine level: in this stage, due to the decline of GFR(glomerular filtration rate). The wastes and extra fluid can not be discharged out of the body, so, massive creatinine will accumulate within kidneys, as a result, high creatinine level will present.

Nausea and vomiting: it is caused by digestive disorders. Due to the kidney damage, some organs or tissues may be injured, including digestive system.

If you have one or more the above symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately. However, the symptoms mentioned above don’t always mean you have stage 4 CKD, if you wonder the specific diagnosis, send your test report to, our experts will reply you in 24 hours.

Then, is there an effective method to treat stage 4 CKD?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The core purpose of the therapy is to improve renal function. The method combines traditional Chinese medicines and modern technology and equipment.

During the course, patients can lie on the bed, and two bags filled with shattered medicines will be put under the patients’ back. Then, with the help of osmosis device, the effective ingredients of the medicines can be penetrated into kidney lesions directly.

Mostly, by improving blood circulation, repairing the damaged tissues and cells, providing nutrients for failed kidneys, renal function can be enhanced gradually. Once renal function is improved, the illness condition of stage 4 CKD can be controlled.

If you want to learn more details about how to treat stage 4 CKD, leave a message below, we are glad to help you.

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