Why People with Stage 3 CKD Have Low Blood Pressure

Why People with Stage 3 CKD Have Low Blood PressureChronic kidney disease is characterized by gradual loss of kidney function. In stage 3, kidneys are moderately damaged, so as to kidney function. Some symptoms will come into being as a result. Some people will suffer from low blood pressure. Then why people with stage 3 CKD have low blood pressure?

At normal circumstance, kidneys are in charge of discharging the extra toxins and keeping electrolyte in balance. At the same time, they also secret some hormones to keep our body in condition. If the kidneys are damaged, they will not able to well complete the jobs. So there will be some symptoms, like swelling, anemia, itching, back pain,proteinuria and so on. Low blood pressure is also a symptoms and it will attack some of the patients.

Why does low blood pressure occur in stage 3 CKD?

In stage 3 CKD, low blood pressure is mainly caused by anemia, a shortage of red blood cells. As mentioned before, kidneys produce various hormones. One hormone, called erythropoietin(EPO) have a close relationship with anemia. EPO can help bone marrow produce red blood cells. Since kidneys are moderately damaged, they are not able to do their work well. So there will be less EPO production and less red blood cells. This is a main cause of anemia in stage 3 CKD.

Because of diet limits, patients with stage 3 CKD may develop malnutrition. Vitamin deficiency and iron deficiency will lead to anemia.

How to deal with low blood pressure in stage 3 CKD?

You are suggested to see a dietitian and he will make you a healthy diet to replenish the nutritions.

To get well improvement, the basic method is to treat kidney disease and improve kidney function. The Chinese medicine is recommended as a natural treatment. If you are interested in it, you can email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com for a free reply.

Patients with low blood pressure in stage 3 CKD may have such discomforts as fatigue, dizziness and nausea. These discomforts will seriously affect the life quality and the good mood of patients. If you are suffering from these discomforts, you can talk to the online doctors, they will give you some suggestions.


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