Itchy Skin and Anemia in Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD)

Itchy Skin and Anemia in Stage 3Chronic Kidney DiseaseFor people with stage 3 CKD, some of them may experience some symptoms including itchy skin, anemia, etc. In this text, we will introduce this issue in details as follows:

According to the glomerular filtration rate(GFR) level, chronic kidney disease can be divided into 5 stages. In this stage, the GFR level is 30-59ml/min and there exists moderate loss of kidney function.

In normal case, healthy kidneys in our body can help filter metabolic products and toxins out of the blood. However, due to loss of renal function, the impaired kidneys will fail to function adequately, as a result, extra phosphorus level will build up in the body, resulting itchy skin. Besides, allergic reaction caused by certain medicines and extra parathyroid gland are also related to this question.

Except for the above function, they can also secrete a kind of hormone named Erythropoietin, which is responsible for producing red blood cells. In stage 3 CKD, less red blood cells will be produced due to renal insufficiency. And that is why patients with this disorder will present anemia.

How to relieve itchy skin and anemia in stage 3 CKD?

Honestly speaking, the onset of this two symptoms has close connection with decline of kidney function. So, it is very necessary to seek for such a therapy. Here, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be a good choice.

It based on traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), but applied externally. With the help of osmosis device, nutrient substances of the herbs can be penetrated into kidney lesion directly and effectively. Moreover, it will not cause side effects to the body. If you are interested in the herbal list, please send us your medical and we are glad to help. After a period of treatment, symptoms like anemia and itchy skin will be eliminated to a large degree, more importantly, kidney function can be restored.

Besides, patients should never ignore the importance of a scientific diet, and experts at our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital have made such a diet list. If you like, please chat with our online doctor directly.

This article is mainly on itchy skin and anemia in stage 3 CKD, any follow-up questions, you can leave us a message below.

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