How Does Kidney Disease Cause Proteinuria

How Does Kidney Disease Cause Proteinuria

Proteinuria refers to large amount of protein in urine, which is one of the most common symptoms of kidney disease. As for kidney disease patients, when protein content in urine increases to certain degree, there will form much foam in urine. Why kidney disease patients have proteinuria? How does kidney disease cause proteinuria?

What is proteinuria on earth?

Proteinuria is tested through heating urine after acidification and turbid urine appear. Common people discharge protein in urine 40-80mg/day, the upper limit is 150mg. When the protein content above 150mg/day, it is abnormal proteinuria, which will severe affect human body. Thus patients should pay attention. However, how does abnormal proteinuria produce?

How does kidney disease cause proteinuria?

Kidney of human body is an enormous strainer, which filters toxins in blood out of body through kidney. But once kidney filtration functions are damaged, physiology will change with proteinuria and occult blood.

At the early stage of kidney fibrosis, different immune complexes form and accumulate in different kidney intrinsic cells areas due to self-regulation mechanism disorder caused by various infections. After these immune complexes accumulate in kidney, they will attract different types of inflammatory medium. They will combine with each other, leading to various inflammatory responses which stimulates and damage kidney cells.

When kidney cells are damaged, local microcirculation disturbance appear and kidney tissues causes a series of inflammatory responses caused by ischemia and anoxia, leading to the further damage to kidney intrinsic cells. Gradually, glomerular filtration functions decline and permeability increases, so that macromolecular protein will leak out through basement membrane when kidney metabolism. If the volume above the normal range, we regard it abnormal proteinuria.

Necessary Treatment:

According to abnormal proteinuria, patients with kidney disease should take early diagnosis and treatment to control proteinuria effectively or relieve the progression of illness condition so as to improve patients’ life quality and prolong their life expectancy. Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital has formed a series of natural treatments for kidney disease with symptoms, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy.

Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment is the best method to avoid kidney condition develops into ESRD.

If you are interested in these natural and effective treatments for kidney disease or want to relieve proteinuria from its root, please leave message below or send email to with your phone number for timely communication.


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