How long do people live with stage 4 kidney disease

If the patients of kidney want to cure their disease, besides the treatment of doctors, they should know some common senses, it’s better for them to improve their condition . Now I will introduce some knowledge to patients.

Kidney disease has five stages:

The first stage manifests the early renal function which characterized by high glomerular filtration expired, it has no clinical manifestation. The second stage is no symptom, its clinical manifestation is discontinuous proteinuria after exercise. The first two stages are mild nephropathy.

The third stage is occult diabetic nephropathy, its clinical manifestation is continuous trace albuminuria: 30—30mg/d. The fourth stage is the typical clinical diabetic nephropathy, its clinical manifestation is proteinuria>30mg/d, edema, hypertension, renal hypofunction,the decline of glomerular filtration. The fifth stage is failure stage, the filtration rate of glomerulus is sostenuto decreased with kidney failure.

Many patients concentrate on a question: how long do we live with stage 4 kidney disease? In fact from the fourth stage, the renal function only can be postponed but cann’t be reversed by treatment, renal function in this stage only has 15%~59% of normal people. The bubble urine, edema, hypertension, anemia will appear.

There are some principles for patients:

1 Diets: Salt intake should be controlled from 6g to 8g, daily protein intake is per kilogram of body weight ×0、8~0、6g protein, it’s better to avoid high phosphorus food, supplement calcareous to prevent from renal osteodystrophy.

2 Avoid drug abuse which accelerate deterioration of renal function.

3 Obey the doctors’ suggestion who can give the patients professional direction.

4 Improve the reason of anemia, supply sufficient blood to kidney.

5 Track the condition of illness regularly: for example, the patients should do urinalysis, blood test, assessment of renal function every 1~3 month.

It’s hard to say how long a patient can live, but they can live long if the patients can obey the principles and keep good mood.


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