Natural Treatment to Reduce Creatinine 2.1 for CKD Patients

For patients with CKD, with the development of condition, high creatinine level will become one common symptom. Patients care about the natural and efficient treatment to reduce high creatinine level very much. Now we will talk about how to reduce creatinine 2.1 naturally for CKD patients. If you are experiencing creatinine 2.1 or similar levels, the following content must be helpful.

Obviously, creatinine 2.1 has already exceeded the normal range of creatinine. Though this level is not that high, it is enough to tell patients more than 50% of renal function has been lost, and the condition has already been in stage 3 chronic kidney disease which means the moderate reduction in kidney function.

In most hospitals, what will be done to help reduce creatinine 2.1? Well, western medicines will be commonly used to treat symptoms patients have, and patients are also suggested to pay more attention to their diet. However, there are no any measures used to repair kidney damage and recover renal function. Patients and their family members should know that creatinine 2.1 and any other high creatinine levels are caused by the kidney damage and impaired renal function.

Efficient treatment to reduce creatinine 2.1 means the one which can help kidneys work again, while natural treatment means the one which will not cause any side effects. Nowadays, in the clinic, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other Chinese therapies including oral Chinese herbal medicine, foot bath, medicated bath, enema therapy, etc can help achieve this.

All of them are the new development of Chinese herbal medicines coming from the nature, so the safety can be guaranteed. Also, they can play special functions like extending blood vessels, improving blood circulation, removing immune complexes and blood stasis out of body, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, promoting DNA replication of damaged inherent cells and offering kidneys nutrients to repair kidney damage and recover renal function. There is no doubt that creatinine 2.1 and any other high creatinine levels will be naturally reduced and gradually come back to normal range with the recovery of renal function. And the most important thing is that dialysis can kidney transplant will be effectively avoided.

Stage 3 CKD still can be reversed, please use the proper way to reduce your creatinine 2.1 and other levels, do not delay the condition.


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