Creatinine Went up with Flu in CKD

For Chronic Kidney Disease patients, their immune systems are injured due to the metabolism disorder of kidneys, so they are easily to be attacked by the flu, in return, flu can lead to further damage to kidneys, showing as the increasing creatinine. So in their daily life of patients, they should try their best to prevent flu and reverse their kidney function for a high quality and long life.

Traditional Chinese Treatment is a good choice for Chronic Kidney Disease. The treatment is Chinese herbal medicine-majored. And the dosages and kinds of herbs are given to patients according to the specific physical condition of patients. Through proper application medicines ways including steaming, foot bath, medical bath, smearing, oral decoction, hot compress and so on, the active substances in medicine enter into body and come into play effectively.

These therapies can work on expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, removing toxins in blood and repairing the injured tissues. So the complications can be remitted and the kidney function also can be reversed at the same time with the healthy and smooth blood circulation.

Stem cells also be called as master cells for they can transformed to all kind of cells to meet human need and they have the ability of self-renewal all the time. Stem cells plays an important role in repairing the injured renal cells and restore the kidney function.

The combination of the two treatment can bring patients into the normal life like common people. And with the improved kidney function, Chronic Kidney Disease patients can prevent the flu more effectively with the improved immunity. now if you want to know more information about the cause and management for Chronic Kidney Disease with increased creatinine due to flu, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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