Kidney Pain in CKD: Cause and Treatment

Kidney Pain in CKD: Cause and TreatmentKidney pain is the common symptoms of CKD patients, if really influence the life quality of patients a lot. But do you know there are many factors which can lead to kidney pain and only knowing the specific cause, CKD patients can have a target and effective treatment.

The cause of kidney pains in CKD:

Infections. CKD patients are easily attacked by bacteria which can enter into kidney with the blood circulation, leading to infections. Abscessus in kidneys can lead to redness which can drag in the renal capsular, leading to kidney pain.

Renal cysts. renal cysts enlargement can drag the renal pedicle and renal capsular, stimulating the nerves systems, at this time, patients also can suffer kidney pains.

Renal stones. Ureteral calculus can cause sharp pain around kidneys, especially when patients urinate.

Action. The long time of sitting posture or walking also can lead to pains around the kidney region.

Treatment for kidney pains in CKD:

CKD patients should have a clear checkup of kidney pains for the effective treatment. And for patients, the most important thing should be reversing kidney functions, so they can live a high quality life. Traditional Chinese Treatment is a good choice for CKD patients.

The active substances in medicine can expend blood vessels and promote blood circulation, with the increased blood perfusion, the kidney hypoxic-ischemic condition can be remitted, and the GFR also can be promoted.

In addition, the active substances in medicine also can absorb and crash the wastes in blood and activate the phagocyte cells to swollen the broken matter. When the blood pollution are cleaned, the ultra immune responses can be stopped.

Moreover, with the nutrition in medicine, the injured basement membrane can be repaired and kidney structure also can be restored, so kidney functions of excreting wastes, adjusting internal secretion and balancing water-electrolyte can be improved.

With the help of our medicines, the kidney functions can be reversed, so CKD patients can live a healthy life. Now if you want to know more information about the cause and management for kidney pains and CKD, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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