How to Manage Kindney Stons in Chronic Kidney Disease

How to Manage Kindney Stons in Chronic Kidney DiseaseKidney stones is commonly seen in Chronic Kidney Disease, and in turn, it also lead to further damage to kidney. Patients with kidney stones usually suffer a lot, such as bloody or cloudy urine that smells bad, nausea and vomiting, fever and chills, burning, painful sensation when urinating and so on. Then what can Chronic Kidney Disease patients do to remit their

The causes of kidney stones in Chronic Kidney Disease

Due to the kidney function of excreting metabolism wastes and filtration and barrier decline, there are much the high uric acid and calcium in urine, leading to the increase of PH value of urine and citron acid urine, in addition, patients usually suffer oliguria. Both of them can lead to kidney stones.

Management for kidney stones in Chronic Kidney Disease

Determining the type of kidney stone you have is usually done by evaluating a 24-hour collection of urine, or by examining a stone after it has been passed. There are several methods of renal stone removal; many don’t require surgery. You may even be able to pass a stone by drinking lots of water.

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) is the most common treatment for removing the kidney stone in urinary system, but the treatment is not exhaustive. And for CKD patients with renal cysts, ESWL can cause damage to cysts.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the natural treatment, the medicine is applied on the kidney region. When the active substances in medicine are permeated into body, they can work on promoting blood circulation to remove blood clots, so that the GFR can be improved, with the increase the urine volume, kidney stones can be excreted. In addition, the active substances also can expend the blood vessels to decrease the pains caused by kidney stone excretion. Moreover, with the smooth blood circulation and increased urine, the formation of kidney stone can be decreased, the most important thing is the kidney damage also can be remitted.

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