Foamy Urine and Edema in Chronic Kidney Disease: Cause and Treatment

Foamy Urine and Edema in Chronic Kidney Disease: Cause and TreatmentAll symptoms sign the change of the physical conditions. Some people suffer foamy urine and edema, do you know what these symptoms mean for Chronic Kidney Disease patients? This article will introduce you the cause and treatment for CKD patients with foamy urine and edema.

The cause of foamy urine and edema in Chronic Kidney Disease

The foamy urine means there are proteins in urine, when the renal cells are injured, with the lose of barrier and filtration function, the protein will leak out with the urine. In another word, the protein urine signs the kidney damaging. With the protein losing, the locking water function of body also be influenced, so the water flow into the tissues, leading to edema. In addition, with the kidney function decline, the extra water can not be excreted effectively, leading to water retention. Which also is the cause of edema, so edema also show the abnormal kidney function.

The treatment for foamy urine and edema in Chronic Kidney Disease

Foamy urine and edema both can appear in the early stage of Chronic Kidney Disease and maybe bother patients during the whole course of disease. These symptoms also can heavier the kidney damage, then what can we do to get rid of these symptoms? The root treatment is repairing the injured renal cells.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help you. The active substances in medicine can work on expending blood vessels to increase the blood purfusion, remitting the hypoxic-ischemic, and the medicine also has function of cleaning the wastes in body to keep the blood pure, stopping the ultra immune responses on kidneys, so that the kidney damage can be stopped. In addition, the nutrition in medicine also can repair the injured renal cells, reversing the kidney function.

When the kidney damage is stopped and kidney function is improved, without losing of protein, the foamy urine can be cured and edema also can disappear. And now if you want to know more information about the Chronic Kidney Disease, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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