Treatment for Joint pain and Muscle Cramp in Chronic Kidney Disease

Treatment for Joint pain and Muscle Cramp in Chronic Kidney DiseaseWith the kidney function decline, Chronic Kidney Disease patients will suffer more and more symptoms and among of these symptoms, joint pain and muscle cramp are the most common and influence the normal life of patients seriously. And disease will introduce you the most effective treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease patients.

The Cause of joint pain and muscle cramp in Chronic Kidney Disease:

The kidney has the functions of adjusting the water electrolyte balance, cleaning the wastes in blood, secreting some elements to support the normal metabolism and so on. When the kidney is injured, with the low GFR, the serium inorganic phosphorus get high and prevent the calcium absorption of intestinal tract. In addition,due to the disorder of electrolyte balance, the calcium are removed out of body with the urine. When the calcium in blood is low, patients will suffer muscle cramp.

The high phosphorus and low calcium can stimulate the parathyroid hormone secretion which will separate calcium out from the bones to support the blood calcium. This is why patients suffer bone disease. Moreover the injured kidney fail to produce enough active vitamin D3 to help absorb calcium, which also increase the bone disease.

The treatment for Joint pain and muscle cramp in Chronic Kidney Disease:

Calcium supplements blindly can not help patients any more. The key for Chronic Kidney Disease patients to get rid of join pain and muscle cramp is reversing the kidney functions and balancing the phosphorus and calcium content. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best choice for patients.

The active substances in medicine have the function of expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and remitting the insufficient condition of blood and oxygen in kidney and other parts of human body. In addition, the medicine also can clean the wastes in body, blocking the ultra immune responses on kidney and remit the symptoms. Moreover, with the nutrition in medicine, the injured renal cells can be repaired and kidney function can be reversed.

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