What is the Life Expectancy of Stage 4 CKD

What is the Life Expectancy of Stage 4 CKDStage 4 CKD patients are at the risk of renal failure, patients’ life are threatened severely. So, what is the life expectancy of the disease?

Generally speaking, stage 4 CKD is very dangerous, patients may develop into renal failure easily. And kidney failure may lead to death, the course may be 3-5 years, or even shorter. So, how to prolong the life expectancy of the disease?

Avoid renal failure

To prolong the life expectancy, the first step is to avoid kidney failure. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best way to get rid of kidney failure. It combines traditional Chinese medicines and modern technology and equipment.

During the course, two bags filled with shattered medicines are put under the patients’ back. Then, with the help of osmosis device, the effective ingredients of the medicines can be penetrated into kidney lesions directly.

In addition, by dilating blood vessels, repairing the failed tissues and cells to rebuild a normal kidney structure, and providing abundant nutrients for damaged kidneys, renal function can be improved obviously. Once renal function is enhanced, the illness condition of stage 4 CKD can be controlled, it is possible to prevent renal failure.

If you have anything unclear about the method, send to kidneyfight@hotmail.com.

Treat stage 4 CKD

Stem Cell Therapy is a new method. During the treatment, healthy stem cells are transfused into patients’ body through veins. Mostly, stem cells have regeneration potentials, they can stimulate the production of normal immune cells so as to rebuild a normal immune system. If there is a normal immune system, the body can fight against the disease effectively.

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