How to Prolong Life Expectancy with Stage 4 CKD

For patients with stage 4 CKD, their kidneys have been damaged to a large extent. And some of them usually have the following two doubts: How long can I live? how to prolong life expectancy? Follow me and you can find the answer.
How to Prolong Life Expectancy with Stage 4 CKD

Actually speaking, it is really hard to identify the life span for patients with stage 4 CKD, because their illness condition varies from person to person. In this condition, all that we can do is to delay its progression and repair kidney function. Then how prolong their life expectancy?

1. Identify the root cause. It is generally believed that the two leading causes for chronic kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure. In addition, illness like lupus, purpura, kidney stone, some autoimmune disorders as well as abuse of some drugs can also lead to this progressive disease. To avoid carrying on dialysis or a kidney transplant, patients should try to find out it’s root cause. If you are interested in this, please turn to our professional online doctors for help and you can get a list of individualized tests.

2. Effective control of complications. Experts at our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital point out that most patients are not die of the disorder itself, but its complications, such as kidney failure or heart failure. Therefore, it is really significant to bring these complications under control.

3. Pay attention to a proper diet. Eating properly can help delay its progression effectively. Generally speaking, the diet plan for patients with stage 4 CKD should be low-salt, high-quality protein, low-potassium, etc. If you are interested in the specific dietary regime, please email and we will provide you an individualized diet plan in time.

Except for the above contents, patients should also quit smoking and drinking, keep a positive attitude toward life, take moderate exercises and so on.

If you have been diagnosed with stage 4 CKD, we hope the above recommendations can be helpful. If you have still have other questions, please leave us message below and we will reply you in time.

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