Food List for CKD Stage 3

Food List for CKD Stage 3CKD(chronic kidney disease) stage 3 is a typical kidney disease, if controlled well, patients can avoid renal failure. A scientific diet can help to control the illness condition. So, what is the food list for CKD stage 3?

Low-salt diet

Patients should limit the intake of salt. Because too much salt can cause damage to blood vessels, cause high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. In addition, if patients present edema, low-salt diet is more necessary.

Limit the intake of phosphorus

Patients with CKD stage 3 will experience high phosphorus level, which can cause irregular heartbeat, lead to heart disease. So, patients should get rid of high phosphorus foods, such as, seafoods, animal inner organs, egg yolk, tea and so on.

Avoid high potassium food

Patients can also experience high potassium level, thereby, some high potassium foods should be payed more attention. For example, spinach, potato, etc. The common fruits that are rich in potassium are banana, peach, etc.

Control the intake of protein

Too much protein can increase the burden of kidneys, and aggravate the progression of renal damage, if is not beneficial to control CKD stage 3. In the meanwhile, some high-quality protein is significant, such as, milk, egg white, lean meat and so on.

Supply vitamin

Some fresh fruits and vegetables contain abundant vitamin, such as, carrot, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, apple, orange and so on.

Except for the above foods, there are still many foods that needs to be payed more attention. By now, our experts have made a healthy food list. However, due to the illness condition varies, so the diet list for everyone is different. If you want to get such a list, send an email to, we will make a personalized list for you.

Besides, an effective therapy can treat CKD stage 3 from the root, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. If you want to learn more details of the therapy, leave a message below.

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