Is Oatmeal Beneficial for People with Stage 3 CKD

People with stage 3 CKD are usually told to limit the diet strictly, as scientific diet can help delay it’s progression, while unhealthy diet may affect patients’ life quality largely. Then, is oatmeal beneficial for people with stage 3 CKD?

Is Oatmeal Beneficial for People with Stage 3 CKDOatmeal is a kind of low-sugar, high-nutrition, high-energy food. And it is very popular among the modern people. Actually speaking, people with stage 3 CKD can eat oatmeal, and it will bring with the benefits as follows:

Promote the excretion of cholesterol

According to a research, the dietary fiber in oatmeal can help inhibit the the absorption of low-density-lipoprotein(LDL), which is beneficial for the excretion of cholesterol.

Control blood pressure

This tasty food is high in fiber, and it can help lower the risk of presenting cardiovascular diseases. For example, it can help control high blood pressure, which is a common symptom of chronic kidney disease.

Improve blood circulation

In addition, it is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E, folic acid and so on, which can help improve blood circulation.

Boost immunity

Except for the above advantages, oatmeal can also help boost immunity. In this way, patients with stage 3 CKD are less susceptible to cold and infections.

Besides, people also need to pay attention to something when eating oatmeal. For instance, eating too much oatmeal may cause stomach cramps or abdominal distension.

From the above, we can get such a conclusion: people with stage 3 CKD can eat oatmeal. But remember it is not allowed to eat as much as they want. Anything unclear about this, you are welcomed to leave us a message below. Best wishes!


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