Stage 3 CKD: Can I Drink Green Tea

In recent decades, green tea is becoming more and more popular. Well then, can people with stage 3 CKD drink green tea? In this text, we will talk about this issue in detail:

Stage 3 CKD: Can I Drink Green TeaAfter careful research, experts at our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital point out that patients can drink green tea in moderation. However, as the illness condition varies, the specific amount should be different. If you are not sure about this, sending us your test can be a good choice, and we will reply you within 48 hours.

What are the benefits of green tea?

1. Prevent cardiovascular diseases

Tea polyphenols in the green tea can help regulate the metabolism of fat. Meanwhile, flavonol in this beverage can help prevent blood clots and lower the risk of having cardiovascular diseases. In stage 3 CKD, the patients may present high cholesterol level, which is more likely to cause cardiovascular diseases.

2. Anti-cancer

Drinking green tea in moderation can help prevent cancer and improve the body’s immune function. According to a research, tea polyphenols can be helpful in the prevention of gastric cancer and colorectal cancer.

3. Diuresis effect

Caffeine in this beverage is able to stimulate the kidneys and improve the filtration rate, therefore, waste products deposited in the kidneys can be excreted out of the body to some extent. Meanwhile, it can help discharge extra lactic acid in urine, so as to eliminate fatigue.

Besides, green tea can also help prevent the formation of kidney stones, which can be a symptom of this disease.

Drink this tasty beverage alone is not enough to slow down the progression of stage 3 CKD, and there are still something that patients should pay attention to. Such as, low-salt diet, high-quality protein diet, healthy lifestyle, etc. For more detailed tips, please consult with our online doctor directly.

The above contents are mainly on stage 3 CKD and green tea, any questions about this article or this disorder, you can leave us message below. And we will try our best to help. Good luck!

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