What Foods Can Patients with Stage 3 CKD Eat

What Foods Can Patients with Stage 3 CKD EatChronic Kidney Disease refers to gradual loss of renal function. In this passage, we mainly talk about healthy diet for stage 3 CKD. Read on and you will get a satisfied answer.

According to the GFR level, this disease can be divided into 5 stages. In stage 3 CKD, the GFR level is 30-59ml/min and there can be a moderate kidney function. Then what foods can patients with this disorder eat?

Low-sodium diet

In stage 3 CKD, due to loss of kidney function, some metabolic products will build up in the body. And some symptoms including swelling will come into being. To relieve this symptom, sufferers are suggested to obey a low-sodium diet. Therefore, the risk of fluid retention and hypertension will be decreased. And foods like pumpkin, cucumber, etc can be better choices.

High quality-protein diet

Study shows that excessive intake of protein will increase the burden of kidneys. Therefore, patients with this disorder should try to limit the intake of protein as much as possible. However, they can take some high-quality foods, such as egg whites, fish, milk, lean meat, etc. Generally, the intake of protein should be controlled at 0.6-0.8g/kg per body weight. However, as the illness condition varies, the amount of protein should be different. If you are interested in it, you can email us:kidneyfight@hotmail.com and our doctors will reply you soon.

Balance of potassium and phosphorus

In normal condition, healthy kidneys can maintain the balance of water and electrolytes in the body. Accompanied with kidney damage, the level of potassium and phosphorus can be higher than before. Therefore, high potassium foods like bananas, legumes, potatoes, tomatoes should be restricted. In addition, high phosphorus foods including cheese, chocolates, ice cream should also be limited.

If you or your beloved one have been diagnosed with stage 3 CKD, we really hope you can benefit a lot from this article. More questions about the diet management, you can consult with our professional doctors online or leave us message below.


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