Can Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Eat Dairy Products

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Eat Dairy ProductsDairy products is commonly seen in our daily life. With the delicious taste and rich nutrition, dairy products are popular in all over the world. But when people are attacked by chronic kidney disease, there are too many limitation in their daily diet. Then can chronic kidney disease patients eat dairy products?

Generally speaking, protein urine often is accompanied with chronic kidney disease patients, which can lead to further kidney damages, so patients should insist a low protein diet to decrease the protein urine. However, the amino acid in high quality protein is necessary for human body and the dairy products belong to the high quality protein food, so chronic kidney disease patients can have proper dairy products intake, especially for the fresh milk.

What deserved to mention is that Chronic Kidney Disease patients who are leaded by diabetes should be selective for the dairy products. Dairy products with glucose and sucrose should be avoided, but pure milk and dairy products containing xylitol is available for diabetic nephropathy patients. In addition, dairy products also is rich in calcium, for chronic kidney disease patients, their kidney tissues is damaged. Too much calcium intake can lead to damage to the kidney tubules and even form kidney stones.

Our experts suggested that the proper protein intake should be controlled in 0.6-0.8 g/kg and the mainly protein intake should be the high quality protein such as milk, egg whites, lean meats such kinds of animal protein. Bean products should be limited to decrease kidney burdens and kidney damages.

All in all, chronic kidney disease patients can take the proper kinds and proper quantity of dairy products according to their specific physical conditions and had better have a consult from their doctors. Now if you want to know more information about chronic kidney disease diet or ask for treatment suggestions, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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