The Diet Rules for Chronic Kidney Disease

More and more people are attacked by CKD which is a long time progress. A scientific diet can delay the development of the disease and improve the life quality of patients. Now we will introduce patients some diet tips according to clinic characteristics of CKD.

The fluids intake:

CKD patients without oliguria and edema don’t need limit the fluid intake, and edema patients should control the fluid intake according to their specific edema condition. Generally speaking, if patients with serious edema, the proper fluid intake should be 500-800ml per day, the daily diet included. But for patients with urinate tract infection, they should drink more water and excrete urine more.

The salt intake:

CKD patients with edema and high blood pressure need control the salt intake for too much salt in body can heavier the water and sodium retention and lead to high blood pressure. 2-3g/day is suitable for them.

Protein intake:

Limitation of protein intake plays an important role in decreasing the metabolism wastes and lightening the kidney burden, so that the renal failure process also can be delayed. The proper quantity is 0.4-0.6/kg. And patients should choose the high quality protein food which is necessary for support the normal activities of patients.

The heats intake:

Enough heats intake should be protected to support the normal metabolism of human body and patients should keep the heats in 35 kcal/kg. But for kidney disease patients with diabetes, the sugar and starch foods should be controlled strictly.

In addition, CKD patients should eat foods easy to digest and avoid seafood, beef, mutton, spicy foods, liquor such stimulated foods, wait spiced aniseed, coffee, caraway and so on. And patients can eat some fresh vegetables and fruits properly. Tonic, pepper, chocolate and litchi also are not suitable for CKD patients.

We hope what we mentioned can do something for you, and CKD patients should have a timely and effective treatment which is the most important. And if you want to know more about CKD diet or treatment, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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