How to diagnose the type of CKD

CKD is short for chronic kidney disease, the patients who suffer from kidney disease for more than 3 months can be diagnose as chronic kidney disease. All types of kidney diseases can develop into CKD, for example IgA nephropathy, PKD, diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive nephropathy and so on. These kidney diseases have their respective characteristics as well as the common symptoms. So it is easy to be confused. Then how to diagnose the type of CKD? Now follow us to find it.

1. Urinary protein component testing: this is the most advanced urine protein ingredient analyze item diagnose technology in the world. With the help of this diagnosis, we can judge the damaged epithelial cell and the position as well as degree.

2. Renal tubular epithelial cells testing: this also the advanced testing item all over the world. We can diagnose the extent of damage in renal tubular. And suit the remedy to the case.

3. Glomerular protein filtration index testing: this was brought in from famous hospital in foreign. It can judge the extent of damage in kidney. Also diagnose the type of CKD.

Only by definite the type of CKD can we give the corresponding treatments. According to the condition of the patients, treatments are also different. Through HUAXIA kidney disease hospital decades of years research, they invented a series of therapies. Such as Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, TCM therapy, blood stasis, blood purification technology, immune therapy. Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine but used external. TCM therapy includes seven small therapies and used both internal and external. Blood stasis is the new blood purification technology which use Chinese medicine to clean the polluted blood. As for the western blood purification technology, blood perfusion, hemofiltration and immune adsorption . these can make up the shortage of dialysis, except micromolecule toxins, the macromolecule and middle molecule toxins can also be discharged. What’s more, compared alleviate various symptoms, repair the damaged kidney and improve kidney function is more important.

Now you have a general idea about how to judge CKD types, if you want more detailed information, leave a message below or you can chat with the online doctor directly, we will give you a reply as soon as possible.


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