Can Exercise Increase GFR in Chronic Kidney Disease

Can Exercise Increase GFR in Chronic Kidney DiseaseKidneys have not self-healing function, so even exercise can not increase the GFR for Chronic Kidney Disease patients. But exercise still is necessary for it can strength the immunity of patients and increase the appetite, decreasing some pains. All in all, Chronic Kidney Disease patients need the healthy life style.

The sports should be endurance exercise and moderate strength exercise majored.

The endurance exercise include walking, jogging in the fitness, tai chi, all kinds of setting-up exercise and moderate badminton or table tennis, etc which are the Large muscle Groups, multi-joint and periodic activity and benefit to boost human body. Sports that can increase muscular strength include bodybuilding exercise and tubing practice.

But the amount of exercise should be decided by the specific physical condition of patients. Generally speaking, for patients with steady physical condition, the mall and medium sports is suitable. The heart rate should be controlled in 110 beats per minute and the sports time should be limited in 20-80 minutes.

But for Chronic Kidney Disease patients with serious kidney function decline and many symptoms, sports should be avoided to decrease metabolism and preserve physical power. Complications such as edema, high blood pressure, protein and blood urine and kidney failure with lungs infections can accumulate the development of kidney disease, and sports can worsen these complications.

Chronic Kidney Disease patients who want to raise their GFR need take timely and effective treatment to increase the blood perfusion in kidneys and stop the kidney disease. Although exercise fail to increase GFR, it is good for Chronic Kidney Disease patients live a healthy life, so patients can make a reasonable plan for sports according to their conditions. Now if you want to know more suggestions about the Chronic Kidney Disease, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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