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CKD Basics

How to Know Your Kidney Function Is Failing

To determine whether a person’s kidney function is normal, it must be to have certain standards and parameters for reference. So how do you know whether our renal function is normal? In the following we will give you some reference....Read More

What Are the Causes of CKD?

Chronic Kidney Disease, also known as CKD, is a kind of kidney disease which means that there is something wrong with the kidney function and bothers many people. Thus, knowing what causes chronic kidney disease is more helpful for kidney di...Read More

Life Expectancy of Stage 4 CKD

What is the life expectancy of stage 4 CKD? Stage 4 CKD means the severe reduction in kidney function and we can also call it chronic kidney failure. In most countries, dialysis can be a very common treatment for stage 4 CKD. Here, follow u...Read More

At What Stage Is Dialysis Prescribed to a CKD Patient

At what stage is dialysis prescribed to a CKD patient? As a kidney disease patient or his or her family member, you must care about such a question, right? Here we will help you find the answer. In general, when condition develops to stage...Read More

Can Exercise Increase GFR in Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidneys have not self-healing function, so even exercise can not increase the GFR for Chronic Kidney Disease patients. But exercise still is necessary for it can strength the immunity of patients and increase the appetite, decreasing some p...Read More

Can Infection Lead to Creatinine Rise in Chronic Kidney Disease

Creatinine is the metabolism wastes of muscle which are supposed to be excreted out of body by the kidney. However when people are attacked by Chronic Kidney Disease and suffer renal insufficient, they are very easy to be infected due to th...Read More

What Do Creatinine 3.6 and GFR 45 Mean in CKD

For CKD patients with creatinine 3.6 and GFR 45, we usually diagnose them as the stage 3 CKD patients. The kidney function of them are around 25% of the normal. What deserved to rejoice is patients in that period still have a great possibil...Read More

How to diagnose the type of CKD

CKD is short for chronic kidney disease, the patients who suffer from kidney disease for more than 3 months can be diagnose as chronic kidney disease. All types of kidney diseases can develop into CKD, for example IgA nephropathy, PKD, diab...Read More

Does Chronic Kidney Disease Mean Chronic Renal Failure

For people with kidney disorder, they may regard chronic kidney disease as chronic renal failure mistakenly. Want to know more about the relationships? Follow me to find the answer. ...Read More

Basic Information about Stage 3 CKD

In stage 3 CKD, kidney function is damaged moderately and the GFR level is 30-59ml/min. And here, you can have a general understanding about stage 3 CKD. What are the inducing factors? In general, high blood pressure and diabetes are the tw...Read More

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