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What is Blood Purification

Blood purification refers to the process that leads patient's blood outside the body, removes some pathogenic substances through purification equipment, and purifies the blood so as to achieve the goal of treating kidney diseases.

Blood purification includes hemodialysis, blood filtration, blood perfusion, plasma exchange, immunoadsorption and biological filtration, etc.

Function of blood purification

Hemodialysis-removing the harmful micromolecular substances in the blood.

Blood filtration-removing the micromolecular substances, medium molecular substances and macromolecular substances.

Immunoadsorption-removing most of the pathogenic antibody and immune complex.

Plasma exchange-reducing the harmful substances in blood plasma, and removing the macromolecular protein in patient's body, such as heterologous protein, allergen, autoantibodies, water-soluble drugs, poisons and so on.

Blood perfusion-introducing patient's blood into perfusion apparatus equipped with solid absorbent to clear some exogenous or endogenous toxins, and then put the purified blood back to the body. This is mainly used for rescuing overdoses and poisoning. The most common adsorbent is activated carbon and resin.

Schema of Blood Purification

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