Admission Notice

We welcome patients to the hospital for a speedy recovery from their ailments. In our endeavour to provide the best medical help to the patients we expect them to follow the following standard practices to help us in fulfilling our medical obligations and duties efficiently. We solicit your views and suggestions and hope we will be bestowed with the best of co-operation from you.

1. Safety of the patient and his belongings are of paramount importance to the hospital. We advise not to entertain any guests in your ward except the patients relatives/attendants accompanying the patient.

2. Pets are strictly not allowed.

3. To prevent infections patients are advised to keep to their ward/room and avoid visiting other patients wards.

4. Sound and timely sleep is of utter importance to the patient, it helps in speedy recovery. The patient should Sleep by 9-10 pm. The relative/attendant should also sleep by this time to maintain conducive atmosphere for a sound sleep to the patient.

5. The hospitals sanctity should be maintained at all costs. Avoid creating un-necessary disturbance by increasing sound levels. Avoid shouting, yelling, talking loudly on the phone and using sound devices like tele-vision etc loudly.

We extend our heartiest gratitude for following these simple but paramount practices.

1. Although the hospital provides ample safety and security yet valuables are the responsibility of the patients/attendatnts. A safety vault has been provided in each room and instructions to operate the vault can be taken from the hospital staff. We advise to keep your valuables with you on person or in the safety vault.

2. Cooking ware, microwave, rice cooker, garment washing machine etc has been provided for your use. Kindly use them appropriately and with care and follow safety regulations.

We sincerely hope that you will soon be restored to health!